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Pride & Poverty

January 13, 2018

[apologies to my long-suffering blog. I feel like a neglectful parent. So much to write, and yet…]

I guess it doesn’t matter much anyways, as the next post was always going to be this post, which was always going to be about our new record. Over the months there were many things I thought I might write about, but in retrospect I see how much this record consumed my life and yeah, of course nothing got done. So here we are, once again.

Pride & Poverty


What started as 12 songs has now become 7, because things happen and plans change and ideas that once seemed brilliant suddenly appear as horribly ill-conceived howlers. In the end we are left with a disposable monument that declares: these are some things we thought and this is the best we could express them.

More verbiage is not going to sway anyone’s mind in this day and age (if it ever could), so we decided to take as much control of our music as possible. Rather than lament what is not happening at the hands of other people, we decided to do whatever was within our powers to affect, create, or shape our little universe. Instead of hassling & hustling for meager radio plays that no one hears, or moaning about other bands “getting” what we think we deserve, we channeled our energy into things we could control and into all the various accoutrements surrounding the songs and the record. The artwork comes from the hand of our talented bassist Adam Murray. The layout was kept in-house, thanks to our guitarist (on shore leave) James Carthew. And instead of paying money-we-don’t-have for PR and expensive film clips, we did them all ourselves.

RC 11 B & W


And that’s it. Here is our new record, laid out in 7 clips from the DIY heart of Australia’s underground. We hope you enjoy.


1. Power Pose

2. Shooting Sparrows

3. Back To Front

4. I Get A Kick Out Of Being Kicked Around By You

5. Cargo Cults

6. Yada Yada Yada

7. Slowly, To The End

And with that, we ask ourselves: what next?

Of course we don’t have much of an idea, but it will likely be more of the same, in due time.

For now, we’re at that point in our trajectory where we’re too old, too proud, & too lazy to keep asking our fans to participate or initiate a never-ending obstacle course of promotion on our behalf. Not only is it annoying to all involved, it’s also downright embarrassing, (and a bit sad). All we want to do is make music, and we assume that the listener would rather just, you know: listen to music, instead of texting and sharing and tweeting into the void.

In the spirit of simplification, and as a reflection of the new landscape of the modern digital music biz, we thought it worth mentioning that the easiest way to support us or any other band you love is by following us on Spotify.

That’s it.

We’re heading out to play some shows around Australia, (because of course), so come out and have a shake with us if we make it to your neck of the woods.

Holler back if it’s been a while, and I promise to write more soon.




Boys On Film

November 17, 2011

Here’s our latest video.

It was directed by Heremaia Rudkin, part of the Creative Foundry.  He heard this song on the radio and contacted us to do this video.  It was very simple.  We like it.  We’ve been waiving our arms around trying to get the attention of radio to get this fine burst of garage cinema some extra lovin’, but in the likely event that that doesn’t happen we decided to do it ourselves and…do it ourselves.  There’s only so much one can beg about pr and promo and stuff like that–eventually you just shrug and….[shrug].  As a matter of pride we’re doubling down and making today an all Royal Chant affair.  Snap!

Since November is Aus Music month and most of Australia’s rock royalty are on the “Straight To You” Nick Cave-tribute tour, we dredged through our film footage and sure enough hit upon Royal Chant on stage at the Tote Hotel in Melbourne this past May, playing our own version of Nick Cave’s beautiful “Straight To You”.  I’m not saying it’s good, I’m just saying that it’s us.

And lastly, since it takes just about three of anything to make a feature, our bassist James put together some crap footage of our most recent gig, playing far too early at the Newtown Festival.  Geez, the dog show was barely over and we’re trying to kick out the garage jams here.  All good.  As soon as we wrapped up our set we went across the road to the Courthouse Hotel and sank into a few ciders to ease the morning pain.  Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  [ps–for the curious or obsessed, there’s a few new songs buried in this clip.  When I’m singing alone on the couch, sounding rough as guts, that’s a new one called “Oh, The Shame”.  Following “Sea Chanty” on stage, we try out a zippy new number called “Hesitation Kills”.  Now you know….]

Sorry to make this all about us….again.  There’s heaps to write and it’s raining.  Conditions are perfect….

Write back if it’s been a while.  Tell me what’s going on and all that jazz.