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I Get A Kick Out Of Being Kicked Around By You

April 19, 2017

Nobody pays, nobody minds
Everyone’s game every once in a while
You radium girls, that’s quite a smile
Nobody came, and nobody tried

I gave you my heart and you gave me the boot
I get a kick out of being kicked around by you
I get a kick out of being kicked around by you

What would you trade to taste it all?
We got a day to waste and a bottle of panadol
What would you pay for some piece of mind?
Nobody came, and nobody smiles

I gave you my heart and you gave me the boot
I get a kick out of being kicked around by you
I get a kick out of being kicked around by you


Good morning,

I should be out surfing, being the holidays and all and given how much I complain, but it seems a bit on the cold side, so I’m going to wait just one more minute, just one more cup of tea. I’m gonna go, I swear.

While I’m in this holding pattern, now is as good a time as any to let you know we’ve got another new single out, and it’s short and sweet and doing about as well as most Royal Chant singles seem to do (read: not well enough).

Our bassist, Adam Murray, came up with a film clip for it using old Super-8 footage from his parents and violá: we have another small piece of noise to add to the monstrosity this is, has always been, and always will be the “music industry”.


As usual, you can grab it for free from Bandcamp

Or maybe SoundCloud is your thing….

Or, if you wanted to be a super trooper you could hop on over to our Triple-J Unearthed page and get it that way. If we thought it would work we could try and bribe you into leaving a review or rate it to help us keep up with the young whipper snappers (let’s face it: Royal Chant ain’t exactly a collection of Spring chickens anymore, if we ever were in the first place), because HOLY HELL HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MANY PLAYS AND LIKES AND REVIEWS AND SHARES THESE YOUNG BANDS HAVE?!?!?! I’m so happy for them I stand in awe, then shame, then quietly sneak out while everyone politely looks away.

And that, as we say in the business (claps hands), is how it’s done.

We’ve got some more dates to keep us busy until the end of May, and then it’s time to rest, collect our marbles, and get the record ready so we can do it all again.

.:: Royal Chant Tour Dates ::..

Saturday, April 22 – Meatstock Melbourne
Saturday, April 22, Retreat Hotel, Melbourne
Sunday, April 23 – Meatstock Melbourne

Friday, May 5 – Vic On The Park (Sydney) w/Fingermae
Saturday, May 6 – Meatstock Sydney

Sunday, May 7 – Meatstock Sydney

Saturday, May 20 – Ric’s (Brisbane)

Friday, May 26 – Town Hall Hotel (Sydney) w/Wasters

That’s all the news from here. Remember: nobody pays, nobody minds



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Midnight Surprise

February 9, 2011

I meant to have something a bit more meaningful and less self-congratulatory in this space, but since this came up at the last second I thought I’d do a little shuffling and share this now. Last night, as I was vegetating on the couch after work, post-teaching, I received a text from our manager with a link. Sure enough, when I ambled over to the computer and typed it in, here’s what awaited me….

Which is a nice way of ending one’s day, with a nice surprise. Last month we shot this video on stage at the Vanguard in Newtown (NSW), and then I promptly forgot about it. Unknown to me, our director of photography and editor Narayan Holden was hard at work, sifting through 200+ takes of us playing a song that is all of 1:37 long, (and that’s being generous by including the fade out and silence at the end).

The whole thing was shot on 3x iPhone 4 cameras, and to be honest, I thought our manager (and director for this enterprise) was being far too optimistic about its chances of success when he suggested it (about a year ago, if memory serves. Possibly longer). But, sure enough, it works, and not only does it work, but works really really well, which means that I’m going to be in debt for quite a few beverages the next time we have a band meeting. Shows what I know….

If it was up to the band, we would have had this really elaborate/shoe-string video involving….wait for it….Ghosts. Yeah, the 4 of us, plus extras, in Charlie Brown & Co white sheets, with the eyes cut out, running around Sydney and being rowdy, etc etc. Truth be told, if it was left up to us the idea would still be at the bar where it was conceived. Manager: +1, Royal Chant: -3170.

So, have a look and listen if you’ve got less than two minutes to spare, and let us know what you think if you’ve got a few more.