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Tour Film

March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It’s a dreary day here, raining for the most part or looking like it’s about to when it’s not.  That’s OK, given the national origins of the holiday that most of Australia is celebrating.  Oddly enough, I have yet to crack a bevvy today, and there is a good chance that I will make it to midnight without raising a single pint of Kilkenny or listening to The Pogues even once.  I’m not sure why, but I’m very tired and not feeling very inspired.  I’ve got the house to myself for the evening, as I’ve had it all day, and all I have managed to do is some haphazard reading and sleep.  A lot of sleep.  Something is amiss.

In July of 2011, Peter Ballard joined Royal Chant on tour.  He carefully shot and edited a 45 minute film about the experience and has released it in three installments on YouTube.  I am very proud of him for making it through the short tour he did with us.  It is no easy feat.

I was going to offer my own commentary, but instead I’m going to let the film do the talking, barring a few instances.  Watching the film is a self-excoriating, humiliating experience that sends waves of self-loathing roaring over my skin and makes the bile rise in my throat.

In part 2 of the series, Peter keeps the camera on me starting at 7:42, and watching me talk is pure hell.  But, I deserve it.  I really am this foolish.  I hate the sound of my voice and hate the drivel that keeps pouring out of my mouth, essentially repeating myself with minor variations.  I can only hope that I will keep this in mind next time I start rambling on.  I talk too much.  I need to remember that.  Here you go….

Somehow, from the end of part 2 and the start of part 3, Matt has stolen my beloved hat/scarf combo wrap-around thing.  He had his eye on it the whole tour and must have got it off me somehow.

During the credits at 13:08,  it shows me scowling on a park bench in freezing Ballarat.  I have to laugh at that, because as much as I loathe the way I look at least it is honest.

In keeping with the theme of punishment, I am including a link to a site I put up a few weeks ago.  I can only say that on some level I am trying to be brutally honest with myself and anyone who decides to take an interest in me & my work, and all that implies.  Listen at your own peril, and let us never speak of it again.

Mark Spence Bandcamp

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your loved ones.  Write back if it’s been a while.  It’s nice to get something other than spam.


Video. Show. Rain.

October 27, 2011

Good morning.  It’s dreary here.  Again.  A morning off and that weird endless drizzle has hit.  The only good thing about rain like this is when you have the morning off and can lie in bed and listen to it.  One version of my perfect world be nothing but lying in bed with the door that leads to our tiny porch open, listening to the rain while alternating between reading and sleeping.  That plus chiseled abs.  That’s only one version, mind you, and I’m aware of it’s inherent flaws.

I got home from a gig last night and found the following video waiting for us.  We shoot this back in July with our good friend Estelle Coleman.  She is a friend of the band who happens to be quite good at what she does, and has shot us enough to know what to expect.  We had a song, two days, and a warehouse we rented for $200.  This is what she came up with.  Let us know what you think, as I’m always curious.

Royal Chant – [other]
From our debut LP Raise Your Glass & Collapse

Here is another video she shot and edited of us in the studio and whatnot, as a teaser for our Starts & Stutters EP which we sort-of-released-but-not-really.  I would call it our “lost” album, but people have to be looking for something for it to be considered lost.  I assure you, no one is looking.

I’ll be playing an unplugged/acoustic show tonight at our local, the Port Macquarie Hotel.  The cash will come in handy to get us down to Sydney, where tomorrow night’s show will be a graduation of sorts.  We are opening for Trial Kennedy, who are much bigger, have more fans, and have sold more records than us.  To illustrate the difference, it is worth noting that our respective albums came out on pretty much the same day this year, and in fact we appeared in the same issue of the same Sydney music rag.  The only thing is that they made the cover, while we were on page 30-something.  That being said, after cutting our teeth for months playing in the Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar we are making the jump to the big stage tomorrow night.  It should be fun.  At the very least, it will be nice to crank our amps up without getting yelled at…much.  I know that most of you who read this are across various ponds, so I don’t expect to you be there.  If you do happen to catch the show, come up and say “hi”.  We can be shy, but we don’t mean to be.

Trial Kennedy @ OAF 28/10/1

Oxford Art Factory 28/10/2011

Peace for now. Catch you soon….

Nothing about nothing….

March 27, 2011


it’s broken but it works
disappointing in return
half truths in equal measure
the answer is not the answer
dirty looks and compliments
we know which ones they really meant
and I just can’t help
kicking kicking kicking myself

don’t talk, don’t breathe
don’t stop, don’t think
just try for me…

and we might be a little shaky at first
and maybe it’s more than just our nerves
with such big gestures
our failures look like successes
the comfort of chronic fatigue
immediate concerns are of no concern to me
irrational thoughts were made for times such as these

don’t talk, don’t breathe
don’t stop, don’t think
just try for me…

just try for me….

Pure Vanity

February 18, 2011

I’m getting a little over the whole self-promotion thing myself, but I’d like consider myself a writer of some sort, and that means I need to actually write and post more frequently than once in a blue moon. Since I don’t always have a finished poem handy nor a rambling essay ready to go, lately I’ve had to resort to the lowest common denominator: Royal Chant.

Last week we flew down to Melbourne for a show, and Brendan & I had the chance to stop off at the Undercover offices and do an interview as well as play some acoustic tunes from the new record. Honestly, I’m not a fan of interviews, mostly because I have nothing to say nor any interesting way to say it. Interviews are an art form in and of themselves, and I envy those who can bring something, anything to the surface while under scrutiny with the cameras rolling. I tip my hat to our particular interviewer, Andrew Tijs, because he did a great job of carrying me through the whole thing as well as being knowledgeable about the band and asking relevant questions that go far above and beyond the press release. I wish I could be more articulate, but I’m not. For whatever it’s worth, my favourite moment comes right around 5:44 when the interviewer asks if we think the songs on the new record fit together and Brendan answers with a “YEAAHHHH” that manages to sound both droll and enthusiastic.

Royal Chant – Undercover Interviews

The acoustic tunes speak rather more for themselves, coz yeah, that’s kinda what things sound like when we turn the amps off.

Royal Chant – Usessions

And I am out of here again. Off to Sydney for another show, where dozens of people are waiting to flee the building. Shout back if it’s been a while. It’s a beautiful day here in Australia, the water was warm (for once), the dolphins were out en masse, and today things seem alright.