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May 21, 2011

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here, and I am still in bed.

There is nothing wrong with me, but I was, up until a few minutes ago, operating under the assumption that I would need to “load-up” on my sleep prior to a somewhat hefty excursion we’re about to undertake. Allow me to explain:

Royal Chant has just released our debut LP, Raise Your Glass & Collapse, and with that comes a fair amount of touring and promotion, ideally as much as you can get your hands on and hopefully far more than you think you can handle. (Trust me, we’re not even close to reaching either of those yet). With that in mind, last night we played a previously scheduled show at a quiet country/beach pub called the Valla Beach Tavern. (There is always something truly endearing and honest about gigs like these, and I mean that without sarcasm or condescension. It might be a cliché, but to say that the folks we meet at these gigs are truly salt of the earth does express a certain verity.) We got paid with some much-needed cash, and made it home just before 3 AM. It was loud, the people became rowdy, and there was not a shred of cynicism to be found in the place.

The problem is that a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to score a gig in Melbourne for Sunday night, which means flights, plans, scrambling, and all sorts of lovely hassles. We couldn’t really pass up the gig, as it’s being put on by a radio station and heavily promoted, so we said YES even though the thought running through our heads was HOW?!?!?!

The plan was to leave Port Macquarie at 2 AM Sunday morning to arrive at the Newcastle airport in time for our 6 AM flights to Melbourne. That would have sucked, hence my idea of powersleeping! It wouldn’t have worked or have made any difference, and I knew that, but still, I had to try.

I have since learned, however, that we have some friends who live right near the airport who are happy to put us up for the night, meaning that we won’t wind up landing in Melbourne looking like zombies with a entire day to kill and a gig looming far in the evening distance. That is a plus. But now I have no reason to stay in bed, so into the shower I go, with packing and the re-checking of the air-worthiness of my guitar cases to follow. It is not in the least glamorous or cool, but it is what we do in order to keep playing.

There is always more to say and sometimes more to come, but for now, we must be off….

Cheers & peace to all.


May 5, 2011

The Iron Man Triathlon has come and gone, which means that slantrhyme just celebrated it’s second birthday. I didn’t even remember until this evening.

I guess it’s far too late for a cupcake and a solitary sparkler, but I will try and make it up this week. (Why have I personified my blog and given he/she feelings? Don’t I have enough guilt without concocting an imaginary guilt-creating friend/source?)

It’s just Elliot & I in the house tonight. Earlier today, we worked on his three tricks–sit, down, & fetch. It’s a kitten, for crying out loud, so try and act impressed. Right now we’re playing fetch the tin foil, and despite well over 1,000 successful retrievals he continues to slide across the floor like a proper clay court tennis champion. Good kitty.

There is more to say, but not just now.

Nothing about nothing….

March 27, 2011


it’s broken but it works
disappointing in return
half truths in equal measure
the answer is not the answer
dirty looks and compliments
we know which ones they really meant
and I just can’t help
kicking kicking kicking myself

don’t talk, don’t breathe
don’t stop, don’t think
just try for me…

and we might be a little shaky at first
and maybe it’s more than just our nerves
with such big gestures
our failures look like successes
the comfort of chronic fatigue
immediate concerns are of no concern to me
irrational thoughts were made for times such as these

don’t talk, don’t breathe
don’t stop, don’t think
just try for me…

just try for me….


July 24, 2010

Bugger all, I’ve been meaning to post something but all I’ve got are some scattered & unfinished drafts, chock full of big, bold, & ambitious ideas but without conclusions or any way to draw them.

So instead of leaving you with something, I’m leaving you with nothing.