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Fame ‘n Name ‘n Shame

June 26, 2010

Let’s be honest: if you’re in a band or the music industry or, really, any other creative field where putting yourself and your ideas up for public and critical judgement is kinda part of the deal, then sooner or later you are gonna come up against someone who doesn’t like your stuff, whatever your “stuff” might be.  Hopefully, you’ll also run into some people and outlets that do like your stuff, and in the end it will either even out or quite possibly you will have established global artistic domination in conjunction with a totalitarian regime which vaccinates you against any and all chance of criticism.

This post is not to bitch about a bad review.  Not even a really bad review.  Nor are we here to gloat about some good press or even some really good press. Not even to share some pretty special mother flippin’ news. In the end, they are only opinions, and the negative ones are just as important as the positive.  No, this evening I felt the urge to try and expose, in my own way, a growing cancer of the online music world.  Namely, people and sites that actively seek you out and request your music, and then fail to review or even further acknowledge you or your music.  Maybe it doesn’t seem like much to you, but it’s just plain rude for someone to ask you to take the time to send out a CD and press kit (losing money, mind you), and then going to the post office  on sending it overseas (wasting even more money).  All to be ignored.

We’re used to being ignored.  That is hardly the issue.  If I send you an unsolicited email, no matter how finely or humbly written, I do not nor should I expect a reply from you.  If I do happen to hear back from you then I consider it a victory, however minor.  Even if you told me in gracious or hate-filled language that you weren’t interested, that would at least be a response, and one that I didn’t even deserve.  It’s rather like trying to pick up a date at a bar.  I have no right to expect anything from you, I’m just trying to get laid.

BUT, if you come up to me & whisper sweet nothings in my ear, give me your phone number, slip me your room key, and tell me to meet you in, say, 6-10 days, I DO have a right to expect something.  Namely, a review.  It implies that you are familiar enough with our music to want to hear more of it, in a concrete & permanent form.  God knows you must have come across us somehow, most likely one of the thousand of free music sites.   OR, you were just sending out random emails and took just enough time to put my name or the band name to make it sound personal.  Either way, that’s just low.

I think it’s laughable and naive of me to even mention “journalism” and “ethics” in today’s online music world of blog rock.  From what I can tell, the reviewers are really more computer and social networking geeks for whom music is a very big part of their background noise, but not something they have ever thought about in an objective or professional sense.  Truth be told, that’s probably good in many ways that the traditional gate-keepers have been side-stepped.  It’s certainly helped us more than it has hurt.  It is democracy with anarchic overtones, and I like it.

With all that being said, I’d really just like to use the power of the internet to crap on two sites that have shown a complete lack of integrity.  Not professional integrity mind you, just simple respect.  They are…

Leicester Bangs — I guess it’s good that they didn’t review us.  It’s a really bland site, but I didn’t mind that when they contacted me.  In fact, it’s usually on sites this bad that you’ll get some really glowing reviews (and they’re highly likely to WAY over do it).  Rude Pommie C—-s is what they are, and I wish I didn’t waste the international postage to find that useless fact out.  Ergo, don’t bloody write me and tell me you need a copy of the CD in the first place.

Ohh! So Famous! — This was just a waste of time.  Everything on this site says either “remix” or “breakcore”, so what the F–K was this doucher wanting our music for?  He didn’t even put us on a  list of “lame acts for the week”.  A real head scratcher.  The last time I checked up on the site, he had made the comment that “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” featured Leo’s WORST acting.  Huh?  Oh wait, you’re really a 12 year-old girl trapped inside a 23 year old male’s body.  Now it makes sense.  Once again, DON’T WASTE OUR TIME.  We didn’t ask you to contact us, and we wouldn’t have sent anything in the first place, but you asked and we did, so that makes you a certified dickhead.  That stat may or may not be a scientific fact.

If this is the new paradigm, then so be it.  I don’t mind at all, and in fact I rather like the populist and plebeian nature of the whole enterprise.  It means that music is getting highly personal, and the steps between you and the listener, reviewer, DJ, VJ, or label boss are almost non-existent.  This music revolution does not mean that you can start ACTING LIKE ROCK STARS and being dickheads.  If you take the time to ask, then make sure you mean it.

I am outta here, but feel somewhat lighter.  Must have been all my rock-squats….I’m toning up, you’ll see….