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A song and a dance

June 18, 2012

‘Aye, I’ve got heavy hands lately, and for no good reason at all.  It will pass, I know, but man does it get hard to believe some days.

I meant to say something else today, but have deferred that to another time, hopefully on some evening when I can’t see that daylight passing me by and making me feel guilty.

I have preemptively put my swimmers on, which means I am going surfing whether I like it or not.  It’s freezing cold here and I haven’t bought a new wetsuit since my last one slowly disintegrated, but I keep telling myself that the water will wake me up.

A curious thing about no wetsuit: you get no “tough guy” points out there.  You only get “obviously retarded” points.  And looks.  Lots of sad, curious, and disbelieving looks.  As Summer fades the number of people without wetsuits gradually decreases, and for the past month or more it’s been me and only me, in all my idiotic glory.  I’ve resolved to make it one more Winter without a wetsuit (making it a total of three Winter seasons in the flesh), and then I reckon I’ll buckle and treat myself.  I must have a desire to somehow “earn” the right to wear it, or at least earn the right to spend money on it.  Apparently pain and suffering are the only acceptable currency.

With that being pointlessly said, I thought I’d get around to sharing something that’s been stumbling around the edges lately: my first solo release in a long, long time.

It’s called Hold On Heaven, and I wrote it first as a scattered poem some time ago before putting it to music.  I’m sending it out to a few radio stations here and there, but nothing much to talk about.  There’s not much point.  It’s hard enough trying to push the band along in such crowded times that it hardly seems like there’s much call for yet another sensitive, overly moody, brooding white male singer-songwriter with shaggy hair.

Give it a listen if you are keen or bored, and help me share it around if that’s your thing.  It’s free, as most music is these days.  There’s nothing wrong that, it is what it is.

I’m playing my first out-of-state solo show, at the Music Kafe in Brisbane, on July 5th.  We shall see how it goes.  In a perfect world…

Cheers for now.  Say hi if it’s been a while.  It gets awful lonely here in Winter.

Hold On Heaven

January 12, 2011

Sliding to the ground
with half a story on my lips
a pocketful of disposable razors
wrapped in a parking ticket
and we fall
holding on
to heaven.

Cast your eyes to the South
of mythologies and listen
to old news reels and read
outdated newspaper clippings
and we fall
holding on