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Write. Record. Release. Tour. Punch. Drink. Cry. Rinse. Repeat.

September 22, 2013

It is a lovely day. Maybe no more than usual, but today I have decided to try just a bit harder to be thankful. It’s amazing what a simple act of conscientious decision-making will do for one’s outlook and mood. I should remember this a bit more often.

I’m a bit late to my own party, but in case you haven’t heard Royal Chant has a new single out and we’re going to be playing lots of shows in our attempt to convince people that we’re a really big deal and worth spending money on.  In addition to wanting lots of people spending little amounts of money on seeing us live, apparently there are still a few people out there who spend lots of money on bands and let them run amok in recording studios and sound stages making records and film clips.  That may be some mythological detritus from the glory days of coke-fueled LA hair metal and obscene recording budgets, but even garage bands can dream of a time when we might actually break even at this masquerade.

So, here it is. New Nowhere. This is the first single of our upcoming Small Town Bruises EP. We’re not entirely sure when that will come out, mostly because we are doing the exact opposite of what we always do (release a lot of stuff very quickly), and are going to milk this single for all it’s worth (which remains to be seen).  Of course it’s free, and we’ve chucked on a live track of “Bellevue” to make it seem like a proper old-school single.

Give it a spin if you’ve got a spare moment?  It certainly feels like we’re doing something different, but maybe that’s just the acoustic guitar.

Here’s a snazzy tour poster for all you Aussies who might be near a venue when we hit your neck of the woods. Apparently we have stickers on the way, but we have no idea when they will actually arrive.  The joys of international mail.


And just in case you needed more fodder to eat up your afternoon, here is a DIY film clip I put together for “High Low”, from our Designer Mutts side-project.  Of course the timing makes no sense, but that has never stopped us before.

That’s all from here.  I must be off, and I will end with something I have always wanted to say but have never dared: have a blessed day.