“America” (much delayed…this is what happens when things get lost)

[NOTE: I meant to send this out on the 4th of July. Obviously I didn’t. Not sure what happened there. The only reason I am posting this at all is because I was reading this poem yet again last night, and was struck once again at how absolutely funny Allen Ginsberg was. His delivery does much to shade my interpretation, and now I can’t read the words without that same colouring. Whatever, it’s doesn’t matter, it’s good and always worth giving it a listen and a read every now and again. Brilliant.]

Dear America,

Happy 4th of July old girl. Here’s the man saying it better than anyone, and his words are more true today than ever.

For the rest of you, go ahead, listen to the whole thing. It’s not like you’ve got to write an essay on it when it’s over. Listen to the crowd grow warmer and more riotous as he spools his lines out like a comedic perfectionist.

My favourite line?

-When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?


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3 Responses to ““America” (much delayed…this is what happens when things get lost)”

  1. Steven Says:

    America – in translation – on the wonderful Allen Gnsberg blog

  2. Katherine C. Mead-Brewer Says:

    It’s never too late to post some good Ginsberg poetry! Also, if you dig his America and Howl, you might like this book: “The Trickster in Ginsberg: A Critical Reading,” as it contains a lot of analysis and background info on his Howl and how he wrote it

  3. slantrhyme Says:

    Thanks for that, I’m always curious!

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