Something, nothing, firworks…

Happy 4th of July.  For most of you, that will mean nothing, and in fact, for me sitting here in my Ugg boots in Australia, it means very little except in a holiday-by-proxy sense.  Still, it’s nice for me to remember fireworks and endless Summer nights back in Utah, with fireflies and worried Mums, with Dads slightly tipsy on cheap US lite beer and me endlessly running & running & running until the next day when we woke up and did it all again, only this time there were no more fireworks (unless you were smart and saved a few. We weren’t. We didn’t).

We’ve had a busy few weeks, and there is one more long stretch about to kick into gear, but for now I thought I’d share something we did last month which has just been released.  Here is us playing a new song, “I’m So Sorry”, in the garage of the AU Review.  They’ve been pretty good to us over the years, and they asked us in to perform something so we said yes and that was that.  If you dig it please share it around or whatever, or let the folks at AU Review know that there are people listening.  For the most part, we have no earthly idea.

We’re headed into the studio on Monday to start laying down tracks for our next Royal Chant EP (titled Small Town Bruises in case you’d like to store that away and casually drop it in conversation), and we’re planning on recording that one to open the album. We shall see.

Not much to this one, for better or worse, but below is a link of a solo recording of that same song, in case  you’d like something to hum along to at work.

Ta for now, hope you have a good 4th of July, regardless of whether you get to play with fireworks or not. I’m sure for most of you it will be yet another Thursday at work.  If you’re looking to spice things up, here’s an idea: bring fireworks.



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