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October 30, 2012

Some cats are always hanging around
Some cats are always talking, perhaps too much
Some cats are hungry, while others sit quietly and stare
Some cats sleep all day, and most of the night as well.
Some cats are friendly
Some cats are mean
Some cats are viscous

Some cats slink around the corner, off to God knows where.

Some cats you wish would stay
Some cats, not so much
Some cats hang with hungry eyes, bleeding lips, and limbs awry

Some cats are gone

Some cats get lost
Some cats go far
Some cats never go home
Some cats howl for no good reason at all .


October 22, 2012

It’s always 8 AM
always running late
the tea is always cold
always 2nd place
we are a field of poppies
proud but bent.

A study in the way
we hang our heads in shame
and the sorrows we clutch
tight against our chest
picking up the tempo
in this dance of death.

Waiting once again
night rolls into the next
for real or for pretend
alive or dead
standing like a statue
chipped and cracked.

We lost a few along the way
but what did you expect?
We lost something along the way,
it’s best we just forget.