Boredom + depression + shameless self promotion

I genuinely feel sorry for my poor blog. I feel so guilty that I have started projecting human/animal traits onto it, which can’t be a good thing. For whatever reason, either a prolonged bout of depression or just old-fashioned laziness, I have a stack of unfinished posts that start off in a flurry of activity only to die a quiet death of haphazard apathy and indecision. Something’s got to give, to jolt me out of this rut, but until that happens I’ll rely on the one thing that I can always find the energy to do: shameless self promotion.

Royal Chant will be taking the stage this coming Saturday night, after nearly 3 months off. (There’s a really witty and sublime post about that gathering dust in the slantrhyme graveyard as well). The night also marks the debut of our new bass player, James Carthew, and for the first time in recent memory I am facing a case of nerves. It feels so odd, so forgotten, but strangely pleasing. That must be my pulse, which has surely been dormant for some time now.

Otherwise, things are rolling along as usual. We’ve got new songs that we’ll be playing, some of which we have been trying to debut for quite some time but for various reasons were always unable to. We’ve got 2 new videos that are apparently done, but we haven’t seen them yet. That sort of thing.

Anyway, here’s the poster for the event. I know that the chance of a Sydney dweller reading this and snapping his or her fingers and saying “Gosh bang! I’m going to that gig!” are pretty rare, but it feels good to finish something, even as something as base as shameless self promotion.

Take care until next time,


Good God, Saturday October 15th

Good God, Saturday October 15th

For no reason at all, here is my favourite picture of me & Matt.

Royal Chant @ Manly Fisho's 1/15/2011

Manly Fisho's, opening for You Am I. Photo by Jason Dreggs.

And last, the real reason I wrote this post….

Armidale Stage

No encore


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