Hold On Heaven

Sliding to the ground
with half a story on my lips
a pocketful of disposable razors
wrapped in a parking ticket
and we fall
holding on
to heaven.

Cast your eyes to the South
of mythologies and listen
to old news reels and read
outdated newspaper clippings
and we fall
holding on

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2 Responses to “Hold On Heaven”

  1. kolembo Says:

    Oh! Gorgeous! A complete surprise. I started reading nonchalently and then suddenly, I’m holding onto heaven!

    ‘…a pocketful of disposable razors, wrapped in a parking ticket…’

    Ak. Wonderful.

    • slantrhyme Says:

      cheers from Australia. Your kind words mean a lot, and I thank you for that. I enjoyed reading your blog as well….I like how you described your blog’s intentions as a “fast and evocative read.” Very cool stuff.

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