The Unexpected Guest

The Unexpected Guest

How does one begin to speak of things that are but not begun?
How does one make stories from single moments?
What if those moments are an end?
How do I apologize?

To whom the salutation? What person, what voice, what tense?
How to find the stranger who was meant to be a guest?

state all facts, known values, etc…
calculate, add variables
list possible outcomes according to their logical strength
at bottom those without
at top those within.

proceed hence.

data reads:

>you came

>you left


–the matter admits of no explaination–

Questions lie at facts’ end.
“What if, what if, what if?”
…ad et ex infinitum.

Silent footsteps…standing same.
In wait of a reception
(or some welcoming gesture)
but neither came and never would.

It’s not supposed to, but it does
now & then, somehow, to some;
and guests, despite possessing an invitation
find themselves to their hosts unintroduced.

In the end we acted in the least disruptive coarse
bodies slipping past the other, nearly but not quite a touch
…then you were gone for good.

A question borne in place, instead
for as long as we both shall live


Nodding both to hope and fear,
our attempt bears
two certainties inside a vessel
simply designed,
saturate adjacent chambers.

Until that day, be it never
rest in peace
and please forgive us.

This bastard ink concotion failed to survive its own birth
I survey in terms of damage done
In place of….
an empty vault stands instead.
More than hollow by the worth of what’s contained within.

I have made one long excuse
and am long filled with dread.
It does not one speck of good
but rather, only makes it worse.


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