A blog about blogs….part I

Bonjour!  G’day…..

That’s enough of that. I’m merely stretching my nearly non-existent international tongue and that’s as far as I got.

I have just returned from a reasonably lengthy time on the road and in the studio, and during the countless idle hours I collected a few ideas and notions that seemed at least marginally worth sharing.  Since I have some free time on my hands at long last I thought I might as well get down to it instead of putting it off and into the never-ending and ever growing list of “things to do”.  I looked at the list recently, and it includes such helpful notes as “write a hit song”, “write a frantic song in 6/4”, “re-write lyrics to ‘Flowers Return'”, “Love & Distance” (what the ?????), all scattered amongst set lists, laundry lists, & grocery lists.

I don’t know why, but I had the notion of sharing some of the blogs that I keep my eye on , for reasons entirely my own.  For starters, I must disclaim that I universally HATE 99.9% of music blogs.  I’m sure they were quite nice at some point, and maybe some still are.  But I want my blogs to be like an old fashioned fan ‘zine, not some rolling press machine.  Maybe I’m scarred from the countless hours spent and words shed on behalf of my band, or maybe I’ve been jaded because I noticed that they’re all talking about the same thing. Maybe I really don’t like music after all and am in denial. The only music blogs I DO like tend to be both highly personal and hype-free.  You can tell when someone is doing it alone and really likes their music with passion and individual taste versus blogs that have a clever title and a group of clever contributors and ads and writing that spews cynicism, bad jokes, shallow irony, and complete lack of imagination.  In my head there is a music blog pyramid where all the too-trendy music news starts with Pitchfork and repeats itself in an exponentially diminishing fashion until you just can’t care anymore, assuming you even wanted to in the first place.

However, in my search for blogs to contact I have found a few that I keep close to my heart.  The first is The Devil Has The Best Tuna.  I won’t divulge the author’s real name (not that it’s a big secret), but The Devil has a few things that endear him to me.  The first is that he rarely, if ever, features bands that are making the headlines, instead digging amongst the trenches in a slow and steady manner to bring new bands out to meet the public.  I don’t know what his readership is, but I imagine the numbers to be above average.  Like a librarian, he has a kindly habit of making honest and insightful comparisons & contrasts to better known bands, but not in a condescending or “I figured YOU guys out” way.  It seems to be driven from a listener’s perspective instead of the musical snobbery that is the norm.  Check it out and find some new music, sans hype.

It was during one of those eye dulling and spirit destroying trolling sessions in the middle of the night that I happened to stumble upon A Sweet Unrest, and it was like finding an blessed Irish glade in the middle of Times Square.  There’s something calming about this site, for reasons I can’t entirely explain.  The author shares her thoughts on a mix of music, poetry, & literature that follows her own whimsy like a leaf in the breeze, and that is a relief and rarity.  No hype and no agenda other than the sharing of small pieces that enrich her own world.  I was so surprised when I found the site that I filed it under my “literature” bookmarks instead of my normal “music blogs”.  It’s oddly pleasing to know that poetry lives on and touches people outside of academia, which is where it seems to have been trapped for the last 30 or so years.  That and poetry slams.  Check out the site and breathe for a moment.  It’s like yoga, but no one has to watch you doing it.

I find it hard to keep track of the world without finding myself wrapped up and caring about it.  I’m trying to cultivate a healthy curiosity about world news and politics, and perhaps the biggest asset that I have going for me is that I live in Australia and am no longer immersed in the world of U.S. news bytes.  I can filter things out as much as I like.  With that in mind, I have stumbled upon Unreasonable Faith.  Although it is an atheist blog, it is curious in that it was started by a former evangelical Christian, so there is a fair amount of social commentary along with the occasional political excursion.  It’s not a hard-core atheist site, so it tends to be about exposing idiocy and injustice.  It is also incredibly funny, so maybe I should confess and say that it speaks a language that I can understand.

This isn’t ALL I look at, but it’s not far from it.  Everything else is too common or repetitive for my tastes, but that’s not to say there aren’t heaps of good ones.  It’s just that I don’t care and don’t have the time to keep track of anything else.  Sometimes I’ll visit the New York Times online, but that’s not worth mentioning.

In case you need a laugh, I will leave you with Christian Nightmares.

I had more to share, but I can’t bring myself to type at the moment…..so much for my thrust of “can-do” attitude.  More later, perhaps….


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5 Responses to “A blog about blogs….part I”

  1. Body Workout 101 Says:

    A blog about blogs?.part I…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Greer Says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words, they mean a lot coming from you as I am such a fan of your writing. Looking forward to checking out the other links you mention here.

    But for some reason right now I feel a strange urge to go work out…

    • slantrhyme Says:

      Yeah, it’s a funny feeling hey….I’ve been doing squat thrusts for the past week. And my abs are looking better than ever! I suppose you get a fair amount of random advertising on your site as well?

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