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A Cupcake, A Sparkler, A Song…

April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me….

[repeat ad infinitum]

slantrhyme is one year old.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I forgot the actual birthday, but do recall making my first post the last time the Iron Man Triathlon was on here in Port Macquarie, and since that calender event has come and gone once again I guess it’s time to have ourselves a champagne jam, albeit a belated one.  Sorry old girl, I won’t forget next year.

I leave you with this….as usual, it’s not much.

New Myth

King of myself, impoverished & feeble
without an heir, kingdom, or public
an empty table, lined with empty seats
before empty plates of an empty feast.

Raising my glass, in sincere tribute & thanks,
praise I humbly accept, and drowning my drink
my words come rushing back from the depths
in a thundering echo. I pause.

These same ears that can still recall
forgotten melodies & forgotten lovers’ meetings
I should weep, but cannot, too long since now
I am king of myself, alone.

April 3, 2010

The bats are out

The bats are out, it must be time
I suppose I shall put the kettle on
Standing at the window, silent
in a cheap suit, but with good intentions
I never said that I could,
I only said I would try
give me your curses, my love,
I assure you, I’ll give you mine