A Series of Sighs

She used to say that she could tell when I was angry by the look I had on my face
When you don’t look anybody in the eye, but you don’t look away
The words come out crystal clearly, while your mouth twists itself into strange shapes
And you’re acting just a little too sincerely, and remembering your facts too straight

Walk into the room and nobody notices you, and no one remembers your face
You’re in the mood to be anonymous, and we all know better than to use our real names
And the talk is so cheap that it can’t help but be anything other than straight
We’ve all got different conversations, but we’re all talking about the same thing

Life begins as a series of expectations
and turns into a series of declarations
then it’s one long pull of accumulation
in the end it’s all one big miscalculation
then a series of sighs…..

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