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March 30, 2010


I am submerged, short of breath
the dirty water, at the bottom where I’ve slept
let us be brave
let us be reckless
the fickle offspring, of restlessness
we were meant to collide
getting faster, there’s not much time

dark days, no end in sight
waiting to collapse, the end of time
let us be silence
let us be none
silly boy, it’s all too much
faking my dreams, to stay alive
losing touch, there’s not much time

perfect shackles, forced into bed
mumbled decision, both unfulfilled
let us be blood
the unbegotten
the perfect life, that never was
pressing my cheek back inside
a fading heart, there’s not much time

March 30, 2010

A Series of Sighs

She used to say that she could tell when I was angry by the look I had on my face
When you don’t look anybody in the eye, but you don’t look away
The words come out crystal clearly, while your mouth twists itself into strange shapes
And you’re acting just a little too sincerely, and remembering your facts too straight

Walk into the room and nobody notices you, and no one remembers your face
You’re in the mood to be anonymous, and we all know better than to use our real names
And the talk is so cheap that it can’t help but be anything other than straight
We’ve all got different conversations, but we’re all talking about the same thing

Life begins as a series of expectations
and turns into a series of declarations
then it’s one long pull of accumulation
in the end it’s all one big miscalculation
then a series of sighs…..

Poor Blake….and other happenings

March 28, 2010

“Poor Blake”

Apparently, this was the phrase most often uttered by friends of William Blake, best known as the visionary Romantic poet of the early 19th century.  When I say visionary, that is in the most literal sense, as he claimed to have actual visions for most of his life.  In his own day he was best known for his work as an engraver, and a highly skilled one at that.  His poetic genius was hardly recognized in his own lifetime, and even when it was recognized it was always qualified with a mention of his supposed “madness”.

Poor Blake indeed.

In financially precarious circumstances for most of his life, he relied on the patronage of friends who often gave him work more for his sake than for any need of their own.  Proud, stubborn, and fiercely outspoken, it seems that each of the patrons would, through some imagined slight or offense, find that even their charitable natures could not bear to put up with Blake for an extended period of time.

Poor Blake, scaring off the very people who most wanted to help him.  Still, there is something so deeply admirable to go to one’s grave with an unshakable belief in one’s very rightness.  To pass from this world into the next with such assurance takes a man of incredible courage or premonition, and Blake seems the type that possessed both.  Upon yet another failure, he had this to say….

“If a man is master of his profession, he cannot be ignorant that he is so; and if he is not employed by those who pretend to encourage art, he will employ himself, and laugh in secret at the pretences [sic] of the ignorant, while he has every night dropped into his shoe, as soon as he puts it off, and puts out the candle, and gets into bed, a reward for his labours of the day, such as the world cannot give, and patience and time await to give him all that the world cannot give.

Today, his place among poets is beyond discussion, even if his longer pieces can be “difficult” (to use the polite and all-encompassing term).   It should not take much effort to see why his example is particularly relevant to any struggling band or musician.  So, we toil, take pride in our work, and must content ourselves with the possibility that our only reward is that which we grant ourselves.

So be it.  Poor Blake.

In other news, we have indeed wrapped up all the sonic elements of our next EP, which we are putting out as Starts & Stutters.  If you’ve been listening over the past few weeks then you are already familiar with the new songs.  We have heaps more to record, and are doing our best to scrounge up funds to keep them coming, even if no one is listening.

However, it would seem that some of you are listening, and for all of your support we do thank you.  Some of of our more eager fans set up a facebook page dedicated solely to getting our new tracks added to rotation on JJJ, which might possibly be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for the band, if we don’t count all the couches and floors and free beers that have come our way.  But still, thank you for spending your minutes of both time and phone credits on our behalf.

If you’d like to get your hands on a single early, head on over to Triple J Unearthed where you can download a free copy of the single, as well as leave a review, be it scathing, praising, or somewhere in between.

As always, we can be found everywhere….and more.

That’s all for now.  Support your local starving artist.  We’re dying out here…