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October 28, 2009

White Chapel

We didn’t have a white chapel
so we did the best we could.
It was a Sunday, it was raining,
but only just.
And you, you were an angel
in that dress you patched yourself–
a few words were spoken,
in a moment it was done.

Not a dollar between us,
we did the best we could.
Walking in the evening,
I said the stars were yours–
but you, you were an angel
and never said a word.
We didn’t have a white chapel,
God knows we looked.

October 28, 2009

I Remember Crescent City

A long white bridge, over and back again
talking to God and the juice is on
and it’s been like that for days
and all I can do is wait.
A vacant lot and my lungs are shot
from screaming at the world at the top of my lungs
it’s like a bomb went off in this place
and all I can do is wait…

I remember staring into your face,
it could have been for nine days.

I raised my drink and collapsed at your feet
you said you weren’t, but I know
you were ashamed,
I know you were ashamed.
When somebody left, then somebody came
at the end of it all it’s always
something else again
throwing it in my face.

Waking up, it was a strange bed
but you, you were holding my hand…

I remember Crescent City!
But then, I couldn’t forget it if you let me…
Say a prayer for Crescent City!
I couldn’t forget it if you let me…

A long white bridge and we’re back again
God won’t talk and the juice if off
I swear a bomb went off in this place
and all we can do is wait….
all we can do is wait.

Dancing Like an Irish Elvis…

October 23, 2009

And then that happened.

Were you there?  You know, at the show….c’mon on, didn’t you hear about it?  The place was packed…yeah, that one, Boy & Bear headlined the night, and we, Royal Chant played 37 minutes of garage folk fury right before.

If you were there, then we would like very much to give you a reminder of the night.  If you missed it, consider it a souvenir of a good time you missed out on.


No, no, we insist…don’t be silly, of course we want you to hear it.  You’ll hear some new songs in there as well, along with some old favourites.  Besides that, there’s insults, injuries, flying objects, and some good old-fashioned guitar throwing just for good measure.  The mic cuts out, the guitar cables snap, but the show went on, as it must.

In other news, we have a new EP coming out in a few very short weeks, which will have some more unheard tunes you can wrap your hearts around.

Cheers and all that razzle-dazzle….more shows coming soon, we just haven’t gotten around to telling you about them yet.

[of Royal Chant]

ps–the rest of the band says “hi”.