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September 21, 2009

And lo, it was decided that on the 18th day of September, in the year 2009, a quartet of musicians known as Royal Chant would, after a day of recording and a night at the craps table, pile into a car and depart Sydney for a 13 hour drive into the wilderness of Victoria, all for the chance to take the stage at the innaugural Blueprint Festival for a set of poetic fury in front of a bewildered crowd of unsuspecting youths addled out of their minds on piss and pills.

And so it was.

And it was cold in the evening, wet in the mornings, muddy at all times, and the music came fast and furious.

And it was good…

Damn good, in fact.

A few awards are in order, we think…

Hero Award: to ANDREW GREEN. Not only a fine bassist, but drove for 13 hours all the way from Sydney. Of course, his reward was a few cans of warm Melbourne Bitter and the chance to sleep ALL the way home on the trip back.

Best Band on the Small Stage who should have been on the Big Stage: Calling All Cars. Hands down…

Nicest band we hung out with: Goodbye Motel

Best Dressed: Tim Rogers (and band).  It’s probably worth mentioning that they sounded amzing as well. Just beautiful.

Best Band We Got to Finally Catch Up With Again: Bonjah. It’s easy to be jealous of them…so we will be. There’s a reason they’re on tour so much…

And so it came to pass.

So now we are waiting here in the apartment, about to roll on out of here and back into Albert Studios to finish up some new songs that we’ve been kicking around a while. You’ll be hearing more of them very, very soon….

Peace and all that jazz.

[of Royal Chant]

September 17, 2009
I felt the world heaving
so opened the window
not an instict, as such
just a movement, thoughtless.
Calmed, somewhat
but hardly peaceful.
I am waiting again, always waiting
the mirror is spotted
there’s rust in the sink.
It is starting again, I can feel it
this mad heaving
without me and within.