The Last Hurrah

Stumbling through the night
convinced there’s an endless supply
so don’t you try and tell me any different
if you did you know I wouldn’t listen

so you don’t even try
you can see I’ve got that look in my eye
so please, catch your breath and hold me tight
tighter still and come stumbling with me.

You said I had nice features
but not a pretty face
but you were kind and kissed me
and placed a rose between my teeth

So I’ll press our gathered leaves
between the pages of a book I intend to read
and you shall fall into my lap
the way I always intended it to happen.

At midnight, when all good things say good-bye
I feel like a good excuse
that’s been put to no good use
At midnight, my love, at midnight
good-bye, my love, good-bye.


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